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Estate Manager, Minneapolis, MN Reference #1029E $100,000 + Annually D.O.E.
Minneapolis client requires a professional Estate Mgr. long-term for their primary MN residence (22,000sf) and two secondary residences located in NYC and Miami. Duties will include vendor management, staff management (hiring and training), house bookkeeping with monthly expense reports for all properties, event planning, couture wardrobe management for Principals, shopping, vehicle valet, travel arrangements, daily graces and travel at 25%. Requirements; professional qualifications (Household Management or Butler Certification), minimum of ten years full-time experience within a similar role managing multiple residences, tech savvy, resourceful, highly organized, well presented at all times, silver service experienced and discreet. Flexible schedule with availability for occasional weekends and holidays required. Live-in preferred. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays, Health Insurance, 401k Option and Vehicle. Jan 2020 Start Date

Nanny FT - Saint Paul, MN Reference #1028 $25.00 per hour
Returning agency client is seeking a long-term, full-time Nanny for their three children ages 7 years, 5 years, 2 years and newborn. Childcare, transportation to and from school/ preschool, light housekeeping, cooking and children's laundry. Must be comfortable with pets; one cat and one Guinea Pig. Minimum of five years full-time Nanny experience, CPR certification, current vaccinations including annual flu vaccine and excellent childcare references required. Vehicle available during work hours. Hours will be Monday 7am-5pm, Tuesday 7am-6pm, Wednesday 7am-4pm, Friday 7am-5pm., great long-term opportunity. Benefits: PTO, Paid Holidays and Healthcare Contribution. Immediate Start Date

Nanny PT - Minneapolis, MN Reference #1027 $20.00 - $25.00 per hour
Minneapolis family is seeking a long-term Nanny to provide care for their children ages 5 yrs., 4 yrs., and 2 yrs. This will be a shared and sole care role working collaboratively with Mother who works part-time from home. Duties are childcare focused and will include engaging children in age appropriate activities, promoting creativity, outside activities; parks, library, etc., transportation to/from activities, and travel with family 3-5 trips per year. Housekeeper on staff. Pets; family dog. Minimum of five years Nanny experience, clear driving history, CPR certified, confident supervising children around water, and excellent long-term childcare references. 25-30 hour work week with approximate schedule; Mon 8am-3pm, Tues 12:30pm-6pm, Thurs 1:30pm-5:30pm, Fri 12pm-10pm. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays, Health Insurance Option. Immediate Start Date.

Domestic Couple – Preston, MN Ref #1025 Salary D.O.E.
Preston, MN client requires a long-term live-in Domestic Couple (housekeeper and property caretaker, two employees) to manage daily duties at their secondary residence, 20,000 sf. Full housekeeping duties, basic cooking, property maintenance, lawn care, pool maintenance, vehicle valet, shopping, errands, party and event planning assistance. Separate private accommodations located on the estate. A minimum of 5 years Domestic Couple live-in experience, excellent work references required. Benefits: PTO, Paid Holidays and Healthcare Contribution. Immediate Start Date.

Nanny/House Manager FT – Maple Grove, MN Reference #1024 Professional Salary
West Metro area family is seeking a long-term, energetic, organized and sociable live-in or live-out Nanny with Household Manager duties for their daughter 3yrs. and son 1 yr. This will be a sole charge role; transportation to/from morning preschool, organizing playdates and activities, preparing launch/snacks, maintaining an organized playroom, laundry for children and travel with family. Minimum of 2 years nanny experience, travel nanny experience (preferred), college degree, strong swimmer, CPR certification, drivers license with clear driving history required. Accommodation includes private bedroom and bath. Housekeeper on staff. Hours; Mon to Fri 7am-5:30pm. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays, Healthcare Contribution. Long-term commitment preferred, professional salary. Immediate Start Date

Housekeeper PT – Wayzata, MN Reference #1023 $30.00 per hour
Wayzata family of four in need of a long-term Housekeeper for their 12,000sf residence. Full housekeeping, deep cleaning projects, laundry for family & linens, dishes, assisting with parties/events, holiday decorating and organizational projects. This position will focus solely on the interior of the home. Nanny and Property Caretaker on staff, family has two dogs, (no pet care is required). Flexible schedule required for occasional weekend and holiday hours. Hours will be Mon/Wed/Fri 9am-3pm. Benefits; PTO and Paid Holidays

Nanny FT – Edina, MN Reference #1022 $1,500.00 per week
Long-term Nanny required for our Edina family with four children ages 12yrs, 10yrs, 6yrs, and 2 years. This will be a sole charge position as both parents work outside of the home. Nanny should be confident managing schedules, meal planning and cooking for the children, transportation to/from activities, school and appointments using family vehicle, and laundry for children. Housekeeper on staff, pets 1 Cat. A minimum of 5 years Nanny experience caring for multiple children, CPR Certified, having a calm demeanor and well presented, with a degree in Education. Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm. Benefits: PTO, Paid Holidays, Healthcare Contribution. November/December Start Date

Nanny Part-time - Wayzata, MN Reference #1017 $22.00 -$25.00 per hour
Returning agency family is seeking a warm, thoughtful, organized and conscientious Nanny to provide part-time care for their three children ages 6 years, 2 years and infant. Duties are child-focused in a shared and sole charge role, transportation to/from activities, basic cooking for children, light housekeeping assisting in maintaining an organized home. Nursery duties will be shared with the family's primary daytime Nanny. Candidate must be knowledgeable in child development with experience caring for children of similar age. Requirements include college degree, CPR certification, strong swimmer, clear driving record, experience working in larger estates (preferred), comfortable working alongside parents, calm demeanor and well presented. Fully staffed household. Opportunities for travel and overnight care. Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 4pm-8pm. Benefits: PTO. Mid-November Start Date.

Nanny Live-in - Denver, CO Reference #1016 $85,000 - $100,000 Annually
Denver client is seeking a long-term, proactive, live-in Nanny for their two young children, 18,000sf Residence. This will be a sole charge role with one occasional work from home parent. Duties in addition to childcare include diary management (organize classes, activities, playdates) transportation to/from preschool, children's laundry, maintain organized play areas & children's bedrooms, shopping for children's clothing, packing/unpacking for travel and weekly menu planning of children's meals with family cook. Travel is required at 30% annually. Fully staffed formal household. Candidate should enjoy being active; skiing and confident swimmer. Candidate will have ten+ years Nanny experience with infant care experience, college degree, travel nanny experience, experience working in larger estates, CPR Certification, well presented in appearance, knowledge of local area; playgroups, activities, etc. (preferred), and clear driving record. Accommodations include furnished private bedroom, sitting room and private bathroom. Hours will be Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays, Healthcare, 401k Option and Vehicle. Immediate Start Date

Nanny PT - Wayzata, MN Reference #1014 $20.00 - $25.00 per hour
Wayzata family is seeking a Nanny with housekeeping assistance for their three children ages 4 years and 2.5 year old twins. Childcare, laundry, light housekeeping and cooking. Duties will be shared with family's full-time daytime Nanny. Candidate must have excellent communication skills and proven experience looking after children of similar age; engage children in age appropriate academic as well as physical activities. CPR certification and minimum of 5 years nanny experience with twin care experience (preferred), excellent long-term childcare references required. Candidate must be comfortable working alongside stay at home Mother. Hours will be two or three weekdays per week 3pm-7pm, and one Fri or Sat evening each week. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays. Immediate Start Date

Housekeeper/Family Assistant FT, Naples, FL Reference #1003E Salary, $30.00+ per hour
Naples client requires a long-term professional housekeeper/ family assistant for their estate. Duties will include daily housekeeping, deep cleaning projects, serving of meals (silver service experience preferred) wardrobe management, laundry with ironing, personal assistance to the Lady of the house, personal shopping, holiday decorating, assist with entertaining to include reception of guests and service at table, errands, provisioning, pet care; 1 dog. Experience with care and maintenance of fine linens, china, silver and specialty surfaces required. Candidate will have a minimum of 5 years formal domestic experience in a similar role within 5 star homes/hotels, silver service experience, VIP experienced (preferred), driver’s license, courteous, discreet and well presented in appearance. Mon-Fri, 40+ hrs. and occasional weekend and holiday hours. Candidate must be seeking long-term employment, with long-term work history, excellent work references, and confident working in a fast paced environment. Candidate must agree to complete background check, sign and adhere to confidentiality agreement. Full-time Estate Manager employed. Benefits: PTO, Paid Holidays, Healthcare and 401k Option. Uniform provided. Immediate Start Date.

Household Manager with Childcare – Wayzata, MN Reference #991 Professional Salary
Returning agency client is seeking an organized, professional Household Manager for their busy home and two school age children, 8,000sf residence. Duties will include childcare with transportation, staff and vendor management, diary management, clerical duties, daily graces, errands, shopping, light housekeeping, meal prep and cooking family dinners (occasional), couture wardrobe management for Principals, vehicle valet, holiday decorating, assist in event planning, and travel arrangements. Candidate will have five years experience in a similar role within a private estate, childcare experience, college degree, resourceful with knowledge of local area, highly organized, flexible schedule, well presented, possessing excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. 40 hour work week, Mon-Fri with occasional weekend hours. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays and Healthcare Contribution. December Start Date.

Household Manager PT - Edina, MN Reference #986 $28.00+ per hour
Returning agency couple in need of a part-time Household Manager with cooking. Duties will include vendor management, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, meal planning with grocery shopping, cooking and personal shopping. Once per week housekeeper employed for deep cleaning. Minimum of 5 years' experience in a similar role with advanced cooking skillset and excellent references required. Client is flexible with hours, either M/W/F or M-F with 15-18 hours per week. Nov/Dec Start Date

Nanny PT - Wayzata, MN Reference #981 $22.00+ per hour
Wayzata client is seeking a punctual, calm, and routine structured Nanny for their 10 month old daughter. The family employs a full-time daytime Nanny. Duties will be child focused, engage child in age appropriate developmental activities, maintain a daily nanny log, and coordinate care with daytime Nanny. Minimum of two years Nanny experience, strong swimmer and CPR required. Monday-Friday 3:30pm - 7:30pm with flexibility for occasional later hours agreed in advance. Benefits: PTO, Paid Holidays Immediate start date.

Household Manager/Nanny FT– Edina, MN Reference #977 $25.00 per hour
Edina family of five requires a Household Manager/Nanny for their busy household and children ages 17 yrs., and 13 yr. old twins. Duties will include, childcare, schedule management, transportation for children from school and activities, teaching proper etiquette by example, vendor management, daily graces, errands, shopping, light housekeeping, organizational projects, menu planning with meal prep and cooking family dinners 2-3 time per week. Vehicle required, mileage reimbursement provided. Candidate will have five years experience in a similar role, CPR Certified, clear driving record, and college degree. Pets; small dog. 40 hour work week, 9am-6pm or split shift 7am-10am and 1pm-6pm Mon-Fri. Benefits; PTO, Paid Holidays and Healthcare Contribution. Immediate Start Date.

Property Caretaker PT - Minneapolis, MN (West Metro) Reference #970 Salary $30.00+ per hour
West Metro client is seeking a part-time, long-term Property Caretaker for their residence. Lawn and landscape maintenance, snow removal, pool maintenance, carpentry, basic plumbing and electrical. Minimum of 5 years property caretaker experience, Arborist experience, ability to lift 50 pounds. Two days per week, 8:00am-4:00pm. Immediate Start Date.